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Reason for being...

Arts and culture is an $878 billion industry in the United States. 

Across the nation, communities have found that a strong partnership between diverse Arts and Cultural organizations brings not  only benefits to  the individual organizations but also greater appreciation and support from the population at large. In Florida, most Counties have a vibrant and successful local arts agency tasked with promoting and supporting Arts and Humanities. As a result of the Tourism Development Council Strategic Plan process, it has been recommended through stakeholder engagement to "explore the creation of an Arts, History & Cultural Council

Through public outreach in early 2021 a steering committee was formed, leading to the incorporation of a Florida non-profit corporation with the intention of acting as the Local Arts Agency for Flagler County. 

What will be the effect...

It will be modeled on similar Local Arts Agencies throughout Florida. Activities will be conducted by a Board of Directors representing a cross section of Arts, Cultural and Heritage organizations, assisted by committees of volunteers and Advisors. Professional services will be engaged as required.

No. The Council is being organized as an umbrella organization to support ALL local entities, not to replace them or tell them what to do. WE hope to leverage and multiply their individual strengths by cooperation and encouragement.

The Council will seek designation from the Board of County Commissioners to be recognized as the official Local Arts Agency (LAA) of Flagler County. A designated LAA is the official arts advocacy agency representing the Cultural Arts Organizations of the County and can more readily leverage funding not otherwise available to the community.

A little about art, history and culture
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History of Old Kings Hwy
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